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Market DNA

Benchmarking in these markets is common, as is manipulation. Market DNA is a trading strategy that considers volume, price, demand and supply at benchmark levels and uses this information to predict future price levels. It identifies where next trend should start and end by identifying the next benchmark level on any given time frame. The Market DNA Metatrader 4 indicator is coded to identify and display these levels on your chart as well as pinpoint high probability entries. This indicator adds predictive structure to any market, futures, forex , gold, crude oil or stocks.

Market Map

The Market Maker Map is a complex quantitative predictive analysis tool. It is however incredibly easy to execute. Take a low to high, or a high to low and hit the hot key. It will provide you with predictive trend lines, harmonic reversal levels and timing bars for periods of increased momentum or reversal. When you hear people mention hidden levels we normally think of Fibonacci. The issue with Fibonacci in trading is that the chart drawing tools restrict Fibonacci to being flat, at one specific price level, when in reality the Fibonacci formation itself is never ending and far from flat. The Fib. levels themselves move as time passes. This is what creates trend lines. This Metatrader 4 (MT4) Market Map indicator tool identifies levels that are not flat but actually have an angle to them. They are effectively hidden trend lines. You will no longer need to wait for 2 high or low points to draw a trend line as you will have them on your chart in advance.

Metatrader MT4 Cloud Trading

First4Forex values its trading strategies, indicators, EA's and tools so much that there is no way it can offer the code, mql or ex4 files for sale due to the risk of social and forum distribution. A select trusted few have access to our tools. However it would be great to share our tools with other traders globally, even if only to monetize the hard work and effort that went into them over the last ten years and let other traders utilize them in their trading. Finally, technology has caught up, thanks to The Cloud. Metatrader MT4 platforms can now be hosted in the cloud using web based VPS technology. Any trader can use any PC or device with a web browser to access their Metatrader trading platforms from anywhere anytime. The user can upload any indicators or Ea's they want to customize their platform as you can with the desktop version. It is infact the desktop version that is being hosted in the cloud. The only difference is, you cannot download any files. This keeps our tools safe from unauthorized distribution.
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